Whitetail Legend Youth Short Sleeve

$ 20.00

The Whitetail Legend is only seen on trail cameras at 2am. He's usually that buck in the far back of the picture, barely peeking around a tree. With a mere glimpse at those horns, you KNOW he's a TOAD...a LEGEND that will be talked about, but rarely seen. The one that makes you get up at 4am and get to the woods before daylight. The one that makes you put out 13 trail cams in hopes of catching a glimpse of him again. You pattern him in hopes that one day he'll slip up and be your legend!

  • Private Labeled by Southern Cross
  • 100% combed ringspun cotton

Body Width

14" 16" 18" 19" 20"
Full Length Body 19" 21.5" 23" 25" 26.5"

*Every garment may not match these exact measurements due to acceptable measurements tolerance.